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tallinn: the nicest city of them all (by laura olljum.)
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just got back from dubai with my boyfriend, most amazing holiday ever! but sorry for having a dead blog whilst ive been away!
so you two are pretty much fuck buddies? asked by Anonymous

scott and i have engaged in sexual intercourse, however we are not fuck buddies and i hate that term x

doesn't it bother your family that he is almost 5 years older than you?! its weird.. asked by Anonymous

not really..im 18 and my parents trust me and they like him :) he fits in well with my family and there doesnt really seem like a big age gap, im more immature than him though haha

its not weird and were not even going out so stfu

so what is actually happening between you and scott? asked by Anonymous

right, ok im gonna explain all coz people are getting confused when it is so simple.

he is not my boyfriend. i said that to wind up my ex who was being a cunt (it worked) i guess you could say we are seeing each other? we spend a lot of time together but that is only because he doesnt have to go home until august and i dont have college or work that much :) he wants me to be his girlfriend aww (and yeh its true he broke up with his ex coz of me after two days of meeting me - crazy i know) and i like someone else who doesnt like me back wahhhhh

so were are just sort of waiting for me to feel comfortable getting into a relationship with him, it could be days or months, who knows

happy now? :)

i miss being in a relationship, i miss my old relationship. i dont miss him, i miss it. i miss being wanted, and looked after and cared for. liking someone and not being liked back gets tiring.

i want one of them relationships where everything is so natural and comfortable, you dont really care about anyone else

my life is getting so boring

i honestly cant wait to move in september

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